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Gesundheit (BMG) Global Health Strategy of the German Federal Government Responsibility – Innovation – Partnership: Shaping Global Health Together

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Every human being has the right to the highest individually attainable standard of physical and mental health. This is a fundamental human right. Health is one of our most precious goods and is a crucial precondition for our individual, social, economic and political development and stability. The impact of health – whether positive or negative – is heightened by the globalised nature of today’s world. It follows that we should look at health from a global perspective. Therefore, health needs to be addressed globally and both ensured and improved through joint global action. The topic of global health has risen sharply up the political agenda over recent years, both in Germany and at international level. Global health and the mechanisms to protect it are elements of the global order. The COVID-19 pandemic has once again highlighted the enormous breadth of damage that can be caused by a global health crisis. Its impact on public health and the resulting humanitarian and socio-economic consequences affect every area of our lives. This brochure summarizes the German government's political commitment to global health. 

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