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Search and ordering functions

You can download Federal Government publications or use our ordering service to have them sent to you free of charge. You can request delivery of up to ten different items at a time. Where items are in limited supply you will be informed.

Public bodies and institutions looking to order larger quantities should please send the request with a brief explanation to the Federal Government Publication Distribution Office at .

Publications are sent free of charge.


Enter one or more search terms into the search box and press Enter. This searches the full text of all publications. If you enter more than one search term, this searches for all publications containing both those terms (known as an “and” command).

Results are sorted by relevance. At the top of the list you will see results where your search term appears in the title, followed by subtitle, description and then the full text. If you search for several terms at once, documents where your terms appear together are shown at the top of the list of results. You can filter search results based on the following criteria:

  • availability
  • publisher
  • subject
  • media type
  • language versions, and
  • date

 This helps you narrow down your search.

Sorting by relevance does not necessarily show the most recent publications first. However, by clicking on the “sort by” button, and selecting “newest first”, you can arrange your results chronologically. The most recent documents are now shown at the top of the list.

Ordering publications

You can add an article to your basket by clicking “Order”. Click on the red shopping basket icon in the top right-hand corner to show your basket. This will show you all the items you have selected to order. If you want to change the number of copies of an item, click on the arrow to open a drop-down list where you can select the number you would like to order. You can remove an item from your shopping basket by clicking “remove” next to the corresponding item. You can now either submit your order or add more items. The contents of your shopping basket will be saved while you search for other items and you can return to your shopping basket at any time. Completing your order or closing your browser will automatically empty the shopping basket.

You can complete your order by clicking “Enter Delivery Address” in the shopping basket screen. Please enter your personal information into the order form and the items you have chosen will be sent to you. Mandatory fields are indicated by an asterisk. Large orders will be sent by parcel post. If you are placing a large order, please enter your phone number so the parcel delivery service can contact you to arrange delivery of the parcel. The following screen explains the conditions of use of the publications we offer and our privacy policy. You must agree to both to place your order. You can review your order information by selecting “Review Order”. Submit your order by clicking on “Submit Order”. You will receive an automated confirmation email containing the details of your order.

While we make every effort to complete your delivery as quickly as possible, delays do occur. If you have not received your order within one month, please contact the company which was contracted to handle your order in compliance with data protection law:

Publikationsversand der Bundesregierung
Postfach 481009
18132 Rostock
Tel. 030 18 272 2721
Fax 030 1810 272 2721